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Director of Pharaohs Crown Talent Agency

Message: Our company is currently representing only one model a year. Our agency will be a full development agency. Our development will include: Professional portfolio, modeling training, formation of runway and acting reel, formation of model resume, proper way to submit to a casting call to receive a call back, a list of casting opportunities, marketing sessions and a referral to a reputable agency. These services that we offer are not for every model. The services that we provide are only for models who aspire to be a renown model and want to gain the experience through knowledge and guidance. If you are already experience then you shouldn't have an issue with getting signed to any agency and have a clear understanding of what a modeling contact entails. Previously stated, our company only represents one model a year. If you want to re-apply in June of 2021 then we will be able to consider you for being the face of our agency.

If you are interested in development offer, you could get in touch with me about the offer.